Hands FAQ and Comparisons

Been wondering about the hands? Here are some frequently asked questions, as well as some pictures of each of the pairs! We even modeled them with a boy and a girl for you!

FAQ: What is the difference between a-line hands and b-line hands?
A-line's hands are called "mag hands", as they attach to a separate wrist piece (which attaches to the body via s-hook, which is how the b-line hands attach). The hands have magnets, so they can easily be removed and swapped for different hand positions. The wrist piece for the mag hands also has a larger opening for the hook to move in, so it has a much larger range of movement. The wrist on the b-line body is bigger, and using either b-line hands on the a-line body or a-line hands on the b-line body does not fit as well as most would like.


FAQ: What are the plus/minus of mag hands vs normal hands?
Since you can remove them, the mag hands make dressing considerably faster, not to mention the obvious bonus of quick hand changes if you like different hand positions. The downside is that the hands will come off easily (unlike littlefees, who have tabs holding the hands on unless turned to a certain position). Some of the hands will come off more easily than others (depending on the thickness of the body's wrist, or the size of the opening in the hand itself) leading to some minor annoyance while posing, or if some unsuspecting individual tries to pick the doll up by the hand.

FAQ: Is there any difference between how the hands are positioned?
No, the positions for the mag hands and normal hands are mostly the same (the left hand for #4 is slightly different).

FAQ: Which hands are best for boys/girls?
We would like to leave this up to you to decide, which is why we've included pictures modeled by both a boy and a girl. Most of the hands have very slender/delicate fingers, or feminine hand positions, making them better suited for girls.

(default hands for Chiwoo, El, Ruth, and Woosoo)hands_01modeled.jpg
(default hands for Shiwoo, known as "heart hands")hands_02modeled.jpg
(default hands for Soo, Lishe, and Miyu)hands_03modeled.jpg
(default hands for Ari, Shushu, and Marcia)hands_04modeled.jpg
(known as archer hands)
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