About the Neckpiece (Creating a Hybrid)

Looking to put your MNF head on a different body, or a head from a different company on a MNF body? Here is some info that will help you out!


We realize the importance of matching bodies and heads, but due to changes in resin color for different batches and the sheer number of other companies, we strongly recommend using Den of Angels' picture request subforum for that sort of information.

Well, what else is there? The most significant thing that sets MNF apart from other dolls is their "one touch" system: the seperate neck piece that covers their S-hook.


This is a two-part piece of resin with a small S-hook inside of it.


This is how your MNF looks without its head! This picture shows the "default" position. The arrows on the neck piece point forward, showing the position it should be in when the head is off.


When the head is on, the top half turns to the side to keep the head in place. There are tabs on the bottom left and top right to keep the neckpiece from turning all the way around, and to keep it from coming all the way through the hole.


(different-colored piece used out of convenience)


MNF headcaps also have a part that sticks out, keeping the neckpiece from turning itself whenever you move the head.


When placed on a different body, the head is open, leaving nowhere for an S-hook to hold on to. (pictured: an Unoa small bust)


The MNF's neck piece attaches to the elastic just like a normal S-hook would. It then rests on the top of the neck, allowing you to attach a MNF head.


Fairyland doesn't list the neck pieces on their website, but you are able to request them (through their Q&A board), and they cost $10. You are not able to buy them through distributors like Denver Doll Emporium. Sometimes you can also find them for sale on the marketplace. Alternatively, you can buy "neck donuts" from the marketplace or ebay.


These pieces sit inside of the head, and the S-hook rests on top of them.


Obviously getting a neck piece from Fairyland is a little better, but when faced with paying shipping charges, and a longer wait time, it can be more convenient to buy a neck donut!

Now, when it comes to putting another head on a MNF body, it's very simple!


Simply remove the neck piece (PLEASE be careful, and use forceps!)… Depending on the tightness of the elastic, this could be easy or pretty difficult. You might need to use some pliers to slightly open the hook inside the neck piece if it's closed too tightly around the elastic, as well.


Then just replace it with an S-hook like you normally would. Easy as that! If the head you're using would normally attach with an S-hook (either sitting inside the neck, or hooked to the headcap, etc.) that is how you would need to attach it.

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