Juri '10

Versions Released:



Head Circumference:
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Default Eye Size: n/a
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This head was given free to orders over $495 (as an optional choice between the head or the scarred male minifee chest piece), placed between August 13, 2010 and September 17, 2010. You could also get the head by spending over $1800, or by purchasing a fullset minifee during the event period (once again optional between the head and the chest piece), or by purchasing both a Chloe and Kyle fullset (giving you the Juri '10 head as well as the scarred chest piece, instead of having to choose one or the other). It has not been released in a la carte, and is therefore only available on the secondhand market.

This Juri head was created to promote the neck adapter for fitting minifee heads to chic line bodies. Its overall design is similar to Juri '08, with kissing lips and human ears (as opposed to elf ears).

Did you know? Juri literally translates to "winter gift". Likewise, Nanuri (the name given to heads generally given away during summer events) literally translates to "summer gift". Juri and Nanuri change every year, both with the mold and the size of the doll. So far Juri '08 has been the only one in MNF size, along with the newly released Juri '10.


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