Beauty-line vs Active-line

A comparison between the beauty line ("b-line") and active line ("a-line") bodies. Thank you to xredderz and lee-at for the use of their pictures!!

The b-line (left in both pics) is slightly taller than the a-line.
The a-line has a more natural arch to its back, in addition to being able to slouch forward with the use of its upper torso joint. The torso joint also allows the a-line body to arch backwards to a 90º angle.
The calves on the a-line boy's bodies are more muscular. The knees are double-jointed on the a-line.
The lower legs on the a-line body cause the legs to curve upward when sitting flat.
The double-jointed knees allow the a-line to kneel without exposing elastic.
A closer shot of the swiveling joints at the top of the a-line legs. These allow the legs to sit indian style or suwaricco. In addition, the elbows are also double-jointed, and the wrists have more range of movement.
Thanks to the torso joint, and swivelling thigh joint, and the double joints in the elbows and knees, the a-line body is able to assume much more natural positions than the b-line.
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