About the Scar Arms

Fairyland has released two scar arms for the MNF boy bodies: a right arm (thunder), and a left arm (fire) which was accompanied by an armor piece. The wrist and elbow pieces feature scarring detail in both sets.

The thunder arm was released during their Autumn Event in 2009, given away along with the Scar Breakaway head with orders that reached over $495 (for just the head + hand) or $595 (for the head, hand, and arm) placed between August 31st and October 4th. The arm has a circle of runes on the back of the hand, with a scar (reminiscent of a lightning bolt) coming out of the middle and shooting up the arm. There are more runes around the bicep, where the scar ends. Fairyland's promotional pictures showed the scar painted bright blue.


The fire arm was released during the New Years Event in 2009/2010, given away along with the Sleeping Scar Breakaway head with orders that reached over $495 (for just the head + hand) or $615 (for the head, hand, armor piece, and arm) placed between December 31st and February 15th 2010. Unlike the thunder set, the fire set only has runes around the bicep (none on the hand), and has scarring reminiscent of lava. The fingers are sharp, with almost rock-like talons or claws. The top of the arm also has a couple of veins. The armor piece sits loosely around the wrist, and is recommended to be slipped on BEFORE hooking the wrist piece onto the elastic.

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